Episode 49: 150 BRRRR's & Two Employees with Andrew Glisson

July 20, 2022 00:46:27
Episode 49: 150 BRRRR's & Two Employees with Andrew Glisson
Chasing Freedom
Episode 49: 150 BRRRR's & Two Employees with Andrew Glisson

Jul 20 2022 | 00:46:27


Show Notes

This week Noah is pleased to welcome Andrew Glisson on the podcast. He is a big time flipper out of the Memphis Tennessee area, and the owner of Neighborhood Revival and Victory Residential.

Andrew is the king of systemizing his business, so much so that he is able to do almost 150 flips a year with only two employees. He does all of this using the same BRRRR method we all know and love, but at an unbelievable scale. Tune into to hear how he got started, and how he has automated his business to grow at a rapid rate. Andrew also has an amazing instagram page with tons of more information on him, real estate, and his business.

Find him at www.instagram.com/andrew.glisson

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